Maximize Your Membership

Smart Start Plan

Thank you for choosing BWCC as your chamber of choice.  Your membership offers many avenues for meeting new prospects, promoting your business, saving money, learning new skills and more. Whether you are a brand new member, just starting out or a current member seeking ways get more out of your membership, this Smart Start Plan is designed to help you.

Smart Start Plan

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Attend a Membership 101 class. Held monthly.  Offers a fun and interactive look at the benefits of membership, free business development ideas and useful networking tips that can help make your next networking event more comfortable.

Confirm that you are receiving the weekly “Corridor Connections” and the monthly BWCC Newsletter by email from BWCC.  If not, or if you want to add/change an employee name, contact [email protected]

Check out BWCC’s calendar of events at and pick at least one event each month to attend. 

Choose a committee that interests you and attend the next meeting as a visitor to learn more and decide if you want to get involved.  List of committees can be found on the BWCC website at

Add 20 of your business cards to the members-only  business card display found in the BWCC conference room.  Feel free to extract other member’s cards that interest you.

Submit a press release about your business to appear in the BWCC newsletter. Send to [email protected],150 words max. Deadline = last Wednesday of any month to appear in the following month’s newsletter.

Send notes of welcome to new members posted in each newsletter issue.  Include a P.S. that briefly describes your business and a special offer to try your product or service.

Sign up to save money on office supplies through the Office Depot savings program.  Save money on your energy bills (commercial and residential accounts) through the BWCC energy cooperative. Details and applications found online at 

Remember your ABC’s when shopping for new products and services, “Always Buy Chamber!”  

Bonus Idea: When you are ready, contact the BWCC to discuss new strategies for getting the most out of your membership.