Business Resources

For more than six decades we have been “on-call” consultants to members of our regional organization. In fact, we are known for helping “grow business” and “solve problems.”

As a member company, it is important for you to understand the region we serve—an economic engine for the entire state. Need a quick demographics overview of the Corridor, see: Why the Baltimore Washington Corridor?

Our database of contacts and connections in unparalleled in the region, all developed with you, our member, in mind. We work hard to make certain you know what people, programs and services that can help grow your business or solve a problem. You can catch a glimpse of what we mean by viewing the annotated Local Business Support Entities.

Not only are we your advocate in gaining information, we advocate for you in local, state and federal legislation. Take a look at an overview of our Legislative Group, as well as our annotated source for Advocacy Links, which describe what information you will find from a variety of resources.

We also host the longest-tenured and most highly rated Government Procurement Fair of any business organization in the region, along with a host of other programs for government contractors (and those wanting to work with primes) through our GovCon Council.

Information is critical, but even more important are the people who make decisions based on that information. We work diligently to develop relationships with people that will inure to your benefit.